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(Yes, we all know there is no such thing as a free cat.)

We cannot pick up feral cats and  move them! There is no place to put them!.
Please do not call us with cats you want to surrender.
We have no shelter facalities.

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What' is a Free Cat


Free cats means a lot of different things to different people. To the little child, it's "Mommie, can we have him? He's so cute and fluffy and he's free."

If Mommie is a responsible pet owner, she knows that "free cat" in reality requires some cash. He needs, at minimum, vaccinations and spay or neutering. Then he requires food, a place to sleep and a few toys.


On the face of it, it looks like all outlay with no income. Wrong! That little kitty will repay all those expenses with a commodity worth more than gold, love. He will love his human companion when all others might desert him or her. When someone is feeling down what is more comforting than a soft cuddly body in your lap and a soft purr letting you know you are special?

That's a pretty image. Happy child and loving pet. Sadly it isn't always the way this story ends. Sometimes there's a big bad wolf in it. Maybe the wolf is another parent who doesn't want the responsibility. Maybe it's economics and the family finds they cannot afford even one more small mouth to feed.


Then kitty becomes the other definition of "free cat." Free cats was a term coined by Prof. Adi Tzemach of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to mean cats that have no legal owner (but may have a feeder). In Italy where moral treatment of animals is an important factor, they are called "free living cats.". Here in the United States they are commonly referred to as feral cats.  There is a move now to refer to these cats as "Comunity Cats" which fits as they have become the wards of each community.


The life of a feral cat is hard. He or she is dumped. Usually the kind of owner who dumps a cat never had kitty "fixed." So if kitty is a boy, he is hormone driven to mate. He becomes aggressive and fights with other tom cats. In the process, he is often injured. I had one rescue that was almost blinded in such a fight. After $500 of vet bills, including that much needed neutering, he found a home. 

If Kitty is a girl and unspayed she is in even worse trouble. No matter where she goes, when she comes in heat, there will be free roaming toms to impregnate her. She will become pregnant twice or even three times a year and strive to care for a litter ranging from two to six kittens each time. There will be a constant struggle to find even enough food to maintain her own needs and the constant pregnancies will take their toll on her health. 


If the kittens survive the hazards of life in the wild--raccoons, aggressive tom cats, stray dogs, abuse by evil humans--its life span averages between two to five years. If it is lucky enough to be in a colony with a good human caretaker, it could live longer. There are always the exceptions, that lucky cat that survives to grow old in the wild. That is the exception not the rule.

 Yes, free cats have a rough time. However there are things humans can do to help. That is why we founded


 Cat Action Team Society,Inc.(CATS).
We feed several feral colonies and help with neutering. All of the board members have personally adopted multiple cats. We also will try to provide information on how you can help feral cats.

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